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TVF Media in Digital Output's Latest Fabric Article

Digital Output magazine's latest fabric article, "Now I See The Light," includes input on backlit fabrics from our own Mike Compton. Check out the article through the image below, or read on for more insight from Mike. If you're interested in speaking with us about backlit fabrics or would like to review samples, call us today at 855.618.4500. We look forward to quoting your next project!

A common misperception in our industry is that a backlit is essentially a backlit. Due to the explosive growth of illuminated graphics, many suppliers will brand a fabric as being “backlit” to take advantage of the demand being created by the market. The truth is not all backlit fabrics are created equal. The weight and stretch of the fabric are very important to consider when needing to apply a silicone edge to the fabric. Fabrics without the proper construction and high tenacity yarns are very difficult to finish. In fact, without a properly constructed and weighted fabric, it’s difficult to attach the silicone edge. Without the proper fabric, attempting to properly apply a silicone edge can cause headaches for the printer and end user, such as loose fit, sagging in the middle, and wrinkles where the silicone edge snaps into the frame. Top Value Fabrics offers two excellent fabrics for use in light box frames, Tri Poly and Impact Prime. Both of these fabrics are specifically constructed for use in illuminated displays and both handle and finish easily to be used in SEG frame applications. 

Backlit polyester demands attention, and both Tri Poly and Impact Prime feature color consistency, a bright whitepoint and excellent image sharpness when printed. Tri Poly is a good quality backlit fabric for use in displays that are most often for retail advertising and expo graphics. Impact Prime is a high performance, premium backlit fabric that is often selected for upscale displays. The upper end fabrics such as Impact Prime will not fray, may be cold cut, and will print with a more brilliant color gamut than the industry-standard fabrics. 

The weight, construction and finish of true backlit fabrics such as Tri Poly and Impact Prime are ideal for use in creating beautiful illuminated displays for retail advertising, expo graphics, theatre, museums, interior decor and POP. A key to differentiating your backlit offerings from the competition is both in choosing a solution that includes the right equipment, ink and printing technology and also selecting a fabric that is engineered with the proper construction for success in illuminated graphics. The end result will be a display that presents an extensive, brilliant color gamut with beautiful rich, dark colors and bright impactful hues. More and more, the printers who win bids for high-profile projects are working with high quality backlits. Giving your production team this advantage can make the difference and help you win the project.



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