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Top Value Fabrics Introduces Cutting-Edge Latex Performance Textiles
We are excited to announce that we have expanded our textiles for latex printing with the addition of our new Latex Performance Textiles! Our new line of textiles is focused on supporting our customers in maximizing the beauty of graphics when printed with latex ink technology. Latex Performance Textiles are specifically engineered - to create durable, high-quality production graphics. Working closely through our partnership with HP, we have developed a proprietary coating which enhances the durability of HP- Latex inks to provide finished graphics with rich, brilliant colors and stronghold properties. Our new Latex Performance line is made up of DigiCompetition, DigiFascination, DigiPanorama, DigiStretch, and Supernova.


Our DigiCompetition is a lightweight knit polyester fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and engineered especially for printers who demand a high performance, yet competitive display fabric. Performing the same as traditional heavyweight fabrics, this lightweight knit polyester offers excellent coverage, softness, stretch, and printability.  DigiCompetition is superb for applications including a variety of frame systems, tradeshow graphics, retail displays, and interior décor.


DigiFascination is a lightweight, sheer, woven polyester fabric designed to provide outstanding color consistency and brilliant image sharpness when printed.  Also wrinkle-resistant, this textile is engineered especially for printers who demand a high performance sheer fabric. This versatile textile is exceptional for applications including flags, banner, POP, retail displays, and interior décor.


Our DigiPanorama, a heavy polyester fabric, is designed to yield outstanding color consistency and excellent image sharpness when printed. This versatile heavyweight constructed fabric is excellent for applications including high-end retail POP, banners, banner stands, backdrops, roll-up displays, tradeshow exhibits, frontlit applications, and interior décor.


DigiStretch is a medium weight, 100% polyester stretch knitted fabric. When printed, this advanced platform displays a superior color range.  Applications of our DigiStretch include high-end retail POP, banners, interior décor, and tradeshow displays.


Our Supernova is a bright white, backlit polyester fabric which features a smooth, elegant drape and demands attention. The backlit quality of this knitted fabric provides for excellence in illuminated graphics and extra appeal that is most popular in the retail and tradeshow settings. The best applications for Supernova include high-end retail POP, banners, tradeshow booths, backdrops, and interior décor.

All of the textiles in our new Latex Performance line are REACH Compliant and meet NFPA 701 FR specifications.  DigiCompetion, DigiFascination, DigiPanorama, and DigiStretch are all available in widths up to 126”, while Supernova is available in widths up to 122”.  Contact us today, toll free at 855.618.4500 for more information about our new, innovative Latex Performance line! 


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