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Sign Builder Illustrated Feature: Staying Ahead with Fabrics

The April issue of Sign Builder Illustrated includes a feature article, “Staying Ahead with Fabrics,” focusing on the growing soft signage market.

Our Business Development Manager and author of the article, Mike Compton, provides his insight on rapidly developing soft signage opportunities, specifically on creating opportunities with innovative fabrics. In the article, Compton advises on the technical aspects of a quality backlit fabric for retail, commercial, and tradeshow displays, shares info on advanced printable fabric mesh, and recommends ways to differentiate your offerings in a competitive market.

At Top Value Fabrics, we are proud to play a part in our customers’ successes. One of the trends we’ve seen in differentiation is that our customers are bringing beautiful backlit displays to their customers that quite literally outshine the competition. Compton shares, “Providing a high-quality backlit fabric product will bring loyalty and residual business, as your customers continually change out the fabric for new seasons, holidays, tradeshows, events and in-store promotions. It can even double as an upscale frontlit fabric.”

In the article, Compton also advises that not all “backlit” fabrics are created equal and he provides some tips on how to tell the difference between backlit fabrics. Top Value Fabrics offers Impact Prime and Tri Poly backlit fabrics. Tri Poly is a quality, market-standard backlit fabric and Impact Prime is the newest generation in premium backlit polyester for high-performance, upscale displays. Both Impact Prime and Tri Poly are excellent backlit or frontlit fabrics.

Compton also touches on the new uses and advantages of fabric mesh in the soft signage market. Fabric mesh offers an excellent solution for indoor and short-term outdoor signage for concert venues, football stadiums, golf tournaments and many other outdoor venues. Top Value Fabrics’ Geo Mesh fabric is rapidly becoming a popular choice for these applications.

“The printed, finished product allows premium print results, with proper airflow, strength, quality and tenacity. It will last more than a week outdoors and makes for perfect signage indoors too, where light can show through fabric without affecting the quality of the printed imager,” Compton explained. Geo Mesh provides vibrant printing capabilities, is a REACH Compliant mesh banner material, and won an industry award for “Best Green Product” at the 2014 ISA Expo.

Read the full article in Sign Builder Illustrated. To view our entire collection of soft signage products visit our Specialty Textiles page, or call us today toll free at 855.618.4500 to request a sample of any of our industrial, activewear or printable fabrics.



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