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Microlux 240 8169WGFS

Our Microlux 240 8169WGFS is engineered to be printable on both sides allowing for varying textured looks when printed. This lighter weight version of our Microlux Soft 8179WFLBS is engineered with our proprietary coating, allowing ink to dry quickly while preventing pinholes and hot spots from LED lights.
This optic white fabric features a knitted in microfiber, offering excellent dimensional stretch, wrinkle resistance, and is very soft making it an ideal choice for tradeshows, light boxes, and applications where a display needs to be repeatedly moved and reassembled. This fabric provides print consistency, excellent image sharpness, and color when printed.
Microlux 240 1869WGFS is 100% polyester, flame resistant, and 100% recyclable. Ideal applications for this warp knit fabric include backlit and front lit SEG frame systems, retail, and tradeshow displays, POP, and backdrops. This fabric is REACH Compliant and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified. View our full line of High-Definition Textiles and call us toll free to learn more and request a sample of Microlux 240 8169WGFS today: 855.618.4500.

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Microlux 240 8169WGFS by Top Value Fabrics is a product of Georg+Otto Friedrich. Click here to learn more about our partnership.

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